Monday, 15 December 2014

Overexercising: In the media.

This is a really great article about overexercising, if you're interested in reading about real life experiences.

Great as in, it sheds light on the issue. Not so great in terms of what the featured athletes went through. 

Saturday, 13 December 2014

"You may photograph my laziness - just don't interrupt it."


When it comes to sushi, I definitely know how to eat it. But making it from scratch? That's another story.

I think today's efforts at the Sydney Cooking School are a step in the right direction though. There is hope for me yet.

Not mine.                                                      Mine. (lol)

If you have ever tried fermented soy beans, let's meet up so we can cry together about how traumatising the experience was.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

I'm all about le Bas.

When it comes to blogging, I love one thing:

Bloggers being real.

I'm not keen on blogs written by people who aren't genuine. If an article isn't honest, I can usually tell, and it isn't long before I click away and read something else.

So I was always going to like Bec le Bas' blog, What the Heck Bec.

Bec has written a couple of articles that I have enjoyed and found helpful. (Hard to do!). I'm an introvert, so navigating social situations involving large groups of people can be daunting, especially when all I want is some time alone with a book, or a cat, or whatever. It was good to read Bec's piece called Ghosting: The Art of Leaving Events. Given that I nearly always feel bad about leaving things early, it provides a few simple tips for minimising guilt.

I also loved Bec's take on those messages we all get from people that are quite obviously feeble excuses for not rocking up. This is an interesting one for two reasons:

1. I too find it socially disappointing that we as a society feel the need to string "friends" along for months/years without actually catching up with them, not because we don't have time, but because we just don't really want to catch up with them!

2. In the past, I'm almost certain that I've used feeble excuses to avoid catching up with people. But it wasn't what it looked like - I wanted to see them, but it was a case of not wanting to tell them the real reason why I couldn't come. If I've been unwell, the last thing I want to write is "sorry I can't make it, I've been crying on and off through the night because my brain chemicals are sub-optimal and I just can't stand myself today."

Serious feels aside, I reckon these blogs are important because they shed light on social stuff that people don't talk about.

In addition to keeping it real, Bec is in the process of cracking the media industry at the moment, writing for 5Why and Inside HR so far. One to watch!

A storm brewing.